The Brief:

A popular video challenge on TikTok in which users parody historical events and figures. 


Ever since Hamilton hit theatres in 2016, Millennial and Gen Z interest in History has skyrocketed. So much so History-themed memes now flood the pages of Reddit and the hashtag #HistoryLesson has over 35 million views on TikTok.

In #HistoryLesson videos, TikTok users parody historical events using props, music, and handwritten signs. Videos usually center around a specific moment in world history.

In most versions of this meme, one person plays multiple characters and labels themself as such using handwritten paper signs. That includes historical figures like Abraham Lincoln or larger bodies, like Germany and the East India Trading Company.

More often than not, these videos utilize some sort of sound clip.

Several school-age users have mentioned in their posts that they created their videos in response to/preparation for a history exam.