The Brief: Redditors have been sharing high-definition and anime versions of Wojak characters including Chad, Trad Girl, and Doomer Girl.


Rage Comics and Doomer Wojak memes are usually recognizable for their signature low-quality artwork, but their latest iteration includes high-definition versions and anime-style drawings. These HD and anime Wojak memes are popular on Reddit and depict Chad, Doomer Girl, Trad Girl, and other popular Wojak characters of 2020.

sooo.. I was bored and drew the gang from teenagers

The rise of HD Wojak memes correlates with the popularity of boys vs. girls memes featuring the characters Chad, Doomer Girl, and Trad Girl and high-def and anime drawings are often used for these memes.

Nice tits bro from dankmemes

This isn’t the first time artists have created more detailed renditions of Wojak and rage comic characters. It follows broader trends of meme fan art and of people creating high-definition or hand-drawn memes. People have also cosplayed as meme characters like these. These images became popular on the Dank Memes Subredditย in early August 2020.

New HD anime meme from dankmemes

It’s evolving, just forwards from dankmemes

Iโ€™m really proud of this one from dankmemes

Just waiting for the hentai… from dankmemes

I made it again from dankmemes

it’s true tho from dankmemes

A good day from dankmemes