The Brief: This meme format, which comes from the video game Skyrim, illustrates when someone chooses to overlook one thing and to fixate on another.


The image from this hidden/detected meme comes from the video game The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. The first panel has an icon that represents a closed or squinting eye and the word “hidden.” The second panel shows a wide-open eye along with the word “detected.” In the video game, these images represent when a player is successfully hidden and when they have been spotted.

These icons have been appropriated into a hidden/detected meme that is about people being selective about what they choose to see and/or care about. These memes are particularly popular on Reddit. Many variations of the meme criticize teachers and adults for getting upset about one thing kids and teenagers do while ignoring a more significant thing.

With its commentary about blinding oneself from important things, this meme bears some resemblance to Bird Box blindfold memes.

Buy! Buy! Wait… wrong sub from r/dankmemes

A Big Chungus reference:

Too T H I C C to hide. from r/dankmemes

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Sorry, Zucc:

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On the Jake Paul and RiceGum gambling scandal:

It do be like dat