This meme contains curse words. 

The Brief: The here's the mother f*cking tea meme started on TikTok and has since spread across the web.


The “Here’s The MF Tea” TikTok meme originated in a video posted by @sammielewiss where she dramatically shakes then sips an iced tea from Starbucks and says “here’s the mother f**king tea,” tapping the screen with her nails between words. She then proceeds to launch into a storytime monologue about how a boy from her high school did a bad job at flirting with her. Whether it’s meant to be ironic or not, this video epitomizes the basic b**ch stereotype.

Sammie’s “here’s the tea” videos went viral on TikTok and have been reposted across other social media platforms, receiving millions of views. These videos are without a doubt cringey, a characteristic that tends to make online content memeable.

On TikTok, the hashtag #HeresTheTea has over 28 million views and #HeresTheMotherFrickenTea has over 17 million views.

Since her rise to internet fame, Sammie has become known as the “here’s the MF tea girl.” Her bit has been parodied in memes and the sound from her videos has been used in the background of many TikToks. Variations of “here’s the mother f*cking tea” is a common intro for other storytime videos.

Some critics of this meme have pointed out that the term “tea” that has roots in ball culture and black drag communities, noting how it is removed from its meaning when it’s associated with a ‘basic white girl’ meme.

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