The Brief: A GIF of a headbanging cat is the latest popular GIF meme format on the Dank Memes subreddit.


A white cat is literally just vibing in these head-banging cat GIF memes. As GIFs are only allowed on certain subreddits, this one is particularly popular on r/DankMemes where several iterations were featured under “Hot” starting August 10, 2020.

These memes use the GIF of the head-banging/vibing cat to illustrate situations in which someone is having a good time, rocking out to music, or moving back and forth in a motion similar to the cat.

The exact origin of this pixelated cat GIF is unknown, but if you’re looking to create your own vibing cat memes, here’s a link to the GIF and MP4 files.

They do be headbanging from dankmemes

Cat do be vibin tho from dankmemes

It’s a Thriller from dankmemes

Is it just me or does this tune sound familiar? from dankmemes

I just need to from dankmemes

Huumans be groovin from dankmemes