The Brief: "He has no lips"/"how will he get kiss kiss" TikTok memes come from several layers of TikTok meme trends, with audio from a duet between @polo.boyy and @thereal_tati.


“He Has No Lips! How Will He Get Kiss Kiss” TikTok memes come from a duet between @polo.boyy (Marco Borghi) and @thereal_tati which received over 21 million views and 3 million likes on TikTok. The sound has been adopted as a soundtrack for both serious and ironic videos about glow ups and people changing their minds.

In the original video Marco Borghi conceals his lips and looks sad while text on the screen reads: “He has no lips! How will he get kiss kiss? No Kiss for him…very ugly πŸ˜€πŸ‘πŸΌ…No kis for him…haha no lip boy.” He then pouts his lips and puts his tongue over his mouth and new text says “😱😱😱 i want segs…wow handsome πŸ—£οΈ…give kis πŸ’–…bebby 😩…he’s so segzy…” In Tati’s duet of the video, she dramatically reads the text, embellishing and ad-libbing at certain points.


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♬ EGO – Ρ‡Ρ‘ Π½Π°Π΄ΠΎ

This video came out of the evolution of another trend. In late May and early June 2020, TikTokers started using a clip from the song “Ego” by Willy William. At the time of writing, over 997,000 videos feature the audio clip which includes a creepy music-box melody followed by a transition and lyrics in French. Many TikTokers used the sound in skits about someone who reveals that they’re being held captive or that they are a person trapped inside a doll. Other videos like @polo.boyy’s started popping up where people write negative comments, then reveal that there’s more to something than meets the eye, which is accompanied by positive comments.

Since Tati dueted Marco Borghi’s video, over 30,000 videos have been made with their sound. These TikToks use the silly “He has no lips! How will he get kiss kiss?” audio over video of someone before and after a glow-up or change in perspective.

James Charles’ take on the trend:


lip filler saved my life tbh lol

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