The Brief: "Harm to Ongoing Matter", or HOM, comes from the "lightly-redacted" Mueller report released in April 2019. The phrase has inspired many satirical memes.


Though people may have anticipated some heavy redactions to Robert Mueller’s report, they did not expect lines, nay pages, to be entirely blacked out.

Today, Mueller’s lengthy report was published and the Twitter-sphere wasted no time in sharing their thoughts and memes. The report is blanketed with redactions from Attorney General William Barr, which have been blacked out with the words, “Harm to Ongoing Matter”, or HOM for short.

Talk about (literally) throwing shade.

Music lovers were quick to the take, noting that the nearly blacked-out report resembles an extra album cover.

Others interpreted the looks of the report as a piece of…art.

While this person made the connection to the recently photographed Black Hole.

The existential crises took off from there.

What with the political division in our country, this isn’t the first time political memes have gone viral.

It’s clear that Americans find a certain satisfaction roasting the icy, political climate by making light of otherwise serious issues.

Perhaps HOM memes are on track to be the next “I acted loyal to a man when I should not have” memes.

As we eagerly await the report’s full contents, it’s clear that if nothing else, we may have found the perfect, new excuse… “Harm to Ongoing Matter”.