The Brief: Double the personalities means twice as much to love about Gemini, the air sign celebrating its birthday between May 21st - June 21st.


Step aside Taurus, or prepare to be physically removed. Gemini season is here and these fiery twins will not hesitate to push anyone (except maybe Aquarius) from their path.

This air sign, represented by the twins Castor and Pollux, is known for its varied traits and seemingly split personalities. If you hang with a Gemini, only one thing’s for sure… you will never be bored.

These memes catalog everything to love (or not) about Gemini.

Gemini represents two different personalities in one.

It’s difficult to know which one you will face at any given time. On the one hand, Gemini can be sociable, outgoing, and the life of the party – the Billy Porter ala Met Gala.

In contrast, they tend to take on too many activities or relationships at once and as a result, become overwhelmed.

As adventurous, fun-seekers, Gemini are often portrayed as free-spirited hippies, artists, or “weirdos.”

They are fascinated with the world, curious by nature, and experience a constant feeling that there isn’t enough time to experience everything they want to see. Sounds like just about every Gen Zer.

Although Scorpios tend to get the worst rep in the zodiac, they’re usually followed by Gemini.

Gemini are perhaps the most versatile sign in the zodiac, which can be both exciting and annoying, much like James Charles according to this Instagrammer.

One of Gemini’s most dominant traits is their ability to strike up a conversation with ease.

While their enthusiasm and quick-wittedness can be infectious, especially in the company of fellow air signs, Libra and Aquarius…

It can also come across as superficial and turn off a lot of people.

The good news is, Gemini don’t care! #BigMood

Gemini can also be overly analytical which leads to indecisiveness.

Big decisions make them anxious and don’t even get them started on selecting which Netflix movie to watch.

The flipside (twins, remember?) of Gemini’s adaptability is that they can also impulsive. Because they’re so flexible, they can change their minds or moods in a heartbeat.

They also have a… slight tendency to overreact.

You can always count on a Gemini though, to be there when you need to spill some tea.

Gemini LOVE tea.

Call it curiosity or nosiness, they want to know everything about everyone.

While it might make someone feel better to confide in their Gemini bestie, be warned – Gemini thrive on gossip and they low key cannot control who they spill secrets to. They also are unlikely to share personal feelings or details about themselves, which can make dating tricky.

If someone’s looking for a hook-up or FWB, pick a Gemini.

They’re extremely passionate, adventurous, and are always up for trying new things. Geminis falter when things get serious.

While they thrive on attention and affection from others, Gemini are often wary of commitment. The curse of having dual personalities (and finding someone to put up with them) can be difficult AF.

That means when Gemini do commit, it’s probably their OTP.

Regardless of whether or not you decide to boo up with a Gemini, there’s one person a Gemini can always count on for support… another Gemini.

Time to pass the mic, Taurus.