The Brief: "Guys, if your girl..." memes depict absurd scenarios in which someone has mistaken an inanimate object for a girlfriend.


Similar to “ladies if he” memes, “guys, if your girl” memes, and “fellas, if your girl” memes jokingly reveal that someone’s girlfriend is not who they thought they were. These memes start with “guys/fellas if your girl…” and then list several traits, before concluding “that’s not your girl, that’s something else.”

Variations of these memes have spread across social media on Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, Facebook, and more. In October 2020, the format was particularly popular on the Dank Memes Subreddit.

In addition to inanimate objects, things mistaken for “your girl” include goofy characters and memes.

That’s my girl
byu/kann_i indankmemes

Some iterations of the meme flip the script so that someone is informed that what they thought was an object is actually their “girl.”

Oh no
byu/crocodiles_are_real indankmemes

Shoutout to Terry the fat shark:

Compulsary Wednesday post, don’t hate me
byu/Mugiwara_AF indankmemes

attention fellas
byu/fidgetboss_4000 indankmemes

Other versions of these memes don’t have “your girl” in them at all.

I said what I said
byu/karmafarmagal indankmemes

Don’t be fooled guys
byu/-RDK- indankmemes