The Brief: This meme format features literal interpretations of the popular "guy blinking" reaction image.


Previously, the “guy blinking” or “white guy blinking” meme format has been used as a reaction GIF to convey someone blinking slowly in disbelief or surprise. Recently, this meme has been revived with a more literal spin. These iterations of guy blinking memes show how “the first guy to” do something “must have been like.” Often these memes use the white guy blinking image or GIF to represent literal blinking or eyes opening and closing. This new remixed format is particularly popular on the Dank Memes subreddit where people guess how the first guy who did something must have looked or reacted.

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It didn't take that long ok

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When back to school season sneaks up on you:

Do you wanna see a magic trick? from dankmemes

Bro I need some eye drops from memes

it’s pronounced gif from dankmemes

sample text from dankmemes

big brain meme from dankmemes

Are you using dark mode? from dankmemes

Some commentary on claims that playing video games causes violent tendencies.

Pong = violent from dankmemes

A Skyrim reference:

Hey you! from dankmemes


*laughs like Mr Krabs* from dankmemes

i play the banana from teenagers


rest in peace from memes

So many of these memes have been popping up on Reddit that they’ve inspired a number of memes about the sudden influx of “the first guy to…” memes.

Not gonna lie, they are pretty funny from memes