The Brief: Images of a St. Louis couple now known as "Ken and Karen" pointing guns at protestors have been circulating online as they're being widely criticized and memed.


Karen and Ken memes started spreading after pictures of a white St. Louis couple pointing guns at protestors outside of their home were posted to social media. The couple has since been identified as lawyers Mark and Patricia McCloskey who were photographed standing barefoot outside of their home pointing an AR-15 and a pistol at protestors who were on their way to St. Louis mayor’s home to demand her resignation.

Meme-makers have given several nicknames to this couple including “Ken and Karen,” “Bonnie and Clyde,” and “Karen and Clyde.” Comparisons have been drawn between this scene and The Purge, Scarface, and other violent films. Many people have noted how the McCloskey’s appear to be committing a crime by pointing their guns at people.

In addition to criticizing them for their violence and hostility towards Black Lives Matter protestors, social media users have been dunking on Ken and Karen for their fashion choices, appearance, and gaudy home. Memes include fake movie posters and jokes about how the couple is asking to “see the manager.”

President Donald Trump retweeted a video of the couple without comment, before later undoing the retweet. On Twitter, some gun rights proponents and white supremacists have shared their support for the McCloskeys, creating memes to celebrate them.

Karen & Ken Memes

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