The Brief: Kimberly Guilfoyle's enthusiastic speech at the 2020 RNC inspired memes and parodies as the hashtag #GuilfoyleChallenge trended on Twitter.


Trump’s opponents are trolling the President and his followers by mocking Kimberly Guilfoyle’s RNC speech online in the “Guilfoyle Challenge.” On the first night of the 2020 Republican National Convention, Kimberly Guilfoyle, who is an attorney, the chair of the Trump Victory Finance Committee, and Donald Trump Jr.’s girlfriend, gave an impassioned speech which included yelling.

Guilfoyle’s over-the-top displays of patriotism and excitement, as well as the content of her speech, inspired numerous parodies and memes including the so-called #GuilfoyleChallenge.

As the speech started going viral, social media users shared edited versions of the video as well as their own reenactments of it. One particulaly popular #GuilfoyleChallenge video posted by Twitter user @DBG_NYC featured the line “ladies and gentlemen, leaders and fighters of the American dream, the best is yet to come,” which he yelled loudly, mimicking Guilfoyle’s dramatic arm movements.

On Tuesday morning, the hashtag #GuilfoyleChallenge was trending on Twitter with over 50,000 tweets on the subject. Many related tweets recreated memorable moments from Guilfoyle’s speech. Others added edits to the original video to compare her to villains, dictators, and other meme figures.

Guilfoyle’s speech vs. Dwight Shrute’s Mussolini-inspired speech:

A Wicked burn:

An inevitable Hitler comparison:

Life imitates art:

Images of Guilfoyle’s arms raised in the air were widely memed in this challenge as people compared her to antagonists from The Hunger Games, Snow White, and more.