The Brief: A meme format references the Hasbro children's board game "Guess Who?"


Guess Who memes use the premise of the game “Guess Who?” to point out a characteristic of someone or something. In order to play the game, two players sit across from each other with identical tiled boards. One player chooses a card with an animated person on it and the other must ask them yes or no questions in order to deduce what card they are holding. The tiles depict people with varying characteristics, prompting players to ask questions based on appearance.

In this meme format, one player asks a question and the other flips a tile over, indicating that that person does or doesn’t possess a certain quality. Some variations of this versatile point out positive characteristics, while others point out negative ones, making it a meme that can be flattering or unflattering to its subject.

A 2019 Super Bowl Meme:

Super bowl memes are good from r/memes

A Matt Mii Meme:

Cannot be stopped, ever! from r/dankmemes

A Reddit vs. Instagram reference:

me_irl from r/me_irl

Jesus always knew. from r/dankchristianmemes

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