The Brief: A photo of Greta Thunberg glaring at President Donald Trump at the UN has become a popular meme.


While Greta Thunberg is lobbying world leaders to act in the face of climate change, the internet has turned an image of her glaring at Donald Trump into a meme. After delivering a powerful and impassioned speech on the urgency of action related to a global climate disaster, cameras captured a moment wherein Greta Thunberg glared at President Trump as he walked by her at the UN. Greta glaring at Trump memes illustrate the power of climate activists’ anger and concern about the current and future state of the planet.

The United Nations Climate Action Summit comes days after Greta Thunberg played a key role in organizing a youth-led global climate strike to call for global climate justice and serious action to mitigate climate change. While President Trump did not attend the summit, he and Thunberg briefly crossed paths at the UN as he was there for a meeting on religious freedom. Trump has repeatedly denied the reality of human-caused climate change and his administration has consistently rolled back on environmental regulations.

For many climate activists and people generally concerned with the future of the planet, Greta glaring at Trump memes capture a relatable emotion of frustration with leaders like Trump who are blatantly failing to address the extremely pressing issue that is global climate change.

Greta’s Glare

The iconic evil-eye that Greta gave Trump has been used in a variety of memes including ones directly about climate change and others on a variety of unrelated topics.

A Trump impeachment meme:

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