The Brief: Greek gods memes create modern-day interpretations of ancient Greek mythology.


Seemingly overnight, Greek gods memes have gone viral on Reddit, inspiring a number of image macro memes about different traits of the most well-known Greek gods and goddesses. Particular popular on the Dank memes subreddit, these memes poke fun at stereotypes about Greek gods, portraying them through contemporary images.

Greek Gods Memes

The sudden influx of Greek mythology memes to Reddit did not go unnoticed. These memes note just how suddenly this topic took over the site’s top meme pages.

Zeus: Basically the CEO of Gods
byu/King-of-Alts indankmemes

Seriously, where did this all come from
by indankmemes

They’re everywhere
byu/TheLongNightKing indankmemes

Zeus: CEO of the Gods

These memes often refer to Zeus, the god of gods as the “CEO of gods.” His notorious philandering is illustrated in this distracted boyfriend meme.

Zeus is a madlad
byu/ruchzzz indankmemes

Poseidon: God of the Sea

Poseidon memes depict the god of the sea, earthquakes, and storms as Filthy Frank, and a human water balloon.

The gods are among us
by inmemes

Greek gods be like that sometimes
byu/M4G1C4L_T4C0 inmemes

Hades: God of the Underworld

It’s hard to be as metal as Hades or this cat.

God of the dead
byu/snorlaxlover123 inmemes

Dionysis: God of Wine & Festivity

Of course, the god of wine, festivity, pleasure, and frenzy is depicted as an avid partier.

Greek Gods Memes

God of wine
byu/stra1ght_c1rcle indankmemes

Hercules: Hero & Son of Zeus

Hercules is known for his epic story, Twelve Labors, and drawn-out death.

It’S hEracLeS!!
byu/PotatBdedw3 indankmemes

Aphrodite: Goddess of Love

Unsurprisingly, some Redditors sees Belle Delphine as the goddess of love, beauty, pleasure, passion, and procreation.

goddess of fertility
byu/ChrisTweten indankmemes

Apollo: God of the Sun

Rise and shineeee! 

Greek Gods Memes

Greek god memes are a thing now
by inmemes

Hermes: God of Trade

Mailman MailGOD

ah my amazon package
byu/PowerfulOperation8 indankmemes

Hephaestus: God of Fire

This Greek god meme won’t let you forget about the god of fire, metalworking, masonry, and sculpture!

Behold, the God of unionization
byu/SeptimiusSeverus_ inHistoryMemes