The Brief: GIFs of a character from Great Teacher Onizuka driving his car and suddenly looking surprised are circulating online as a popular reaction meme.


These Great Teacher Onizuka memes come from a scene in the anime series where the character Hiroshi Uchiyamada, the vice principal of the school, is happily driving his Toyota Cresta.

The vice principal’s facial expression dramatically shifts, however, when he imagines how Onizuka might destroy his car. Hiroshi Uchiyamada’s surprised/angry/uncomfortable reaction has been turned into a GIF that’s usually used to depict people who are shocked or suddenly realize that something bad is happening.

that doesn’t sound good
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Variations of these memes have been circulating on Reddit and Tumblr since as early as 2015 and they’re having a resurgence in November 2020.

wait a minute
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Dad, why is mom naked with that man?
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I wonder what she did
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I tried my best
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