The Brief: In addition to making fun of Bing's unpopularity, Google vs. Bing memes point out the sometimes dramatic differences in the content featured on the two search engines.


Google vs. Bing memes compare the search results on the most popular search engine in the world: Google with those on Microsoft’s lesser-known platform: Bing. These memes both dunk on Bing for its obscurity and note how Google typically has more filters on dark and NSFW topics than Bing does. Bing has also dealt with issues of blatantly racist content and harmful conspiracy theories showing up when people searched keywords such as “Muslims,” “Jews” and “black people.”

Particularly popular on Reddit, these memes often show how Bing’s search results are darker and less filtered than Google’s are. For example, many memes point to how if someone searched a topic related to suicide on Google, they’d be shown material about suicide prevention lifelines, but if they searched it on Bing, they might find information encouraging their suicidal ideation.

While some screenshots of Google vs. Bing searches have gone viral, the most recent iteration of these memes use comedic meme images to compare and contrast the search results.

Bing is criminal
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Ecosia does the same thing as Bing btw
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Thanks for the advice bing!
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i mean i guess
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Google vs bing
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Andrew Yang Bing Memes

In the October 2019 Democratic presidential debate, candidate Andrew Yang, who is literate in meme culture dragged Bing, saying: “There’s a reason why no one is using Bing today. Sorry Microsoft.” Yang’s comment inspired a number of memes roasting Bing for its status as a significantly less popular search engine than Google.