The Brief: Going to the gym memes play on the expectations vs. the reality of starting to go to the gym, especially when it's motivated by a New Years' resolution.


New Year’s Eve is around the corner and the resolutions are coming in hot. Get motived to hit the gym harder than ever before with these going to the gym memes:

Starting Gym For The First Time
byu/ravenking7675 indankmemes

It’s for science:

New gym membership
byu/mrdodo_yt indankmemes

It do be like that:

The good ol’ new year’s reso-lie
byu/Portergeist inmemes

Spongebob has been getting them gains:

And gym membership cancelled
byu/DomixOverlord inmemes

[deleted by user]
by inmemes

Spider-Man getting swoll:

“New years resolutions”
byu/stefannator inraimimemes

A change my mind meme:

Gym: Stonks
by inmemes

Pokemon gyms count too right?:

Haha funnie
byu/The_Moon_Slayer inmemes

Thumb gains on fleek:

New Years resolutioners at the gym
byu/WangFuAdam infunny

A going to the gym starter pack:

[deleted by user]
by instarterpacks

This one’s for the boomers (looking at you Karen):

New Year’s resolution to drink less and gym more
byu/onelittlebecca infunny

New year, New me.
by infunny

Brace yourself men, it’s that time of year again
by inGymMemes

Wholesome meme alert:

[Image] As Someone Who Frequents The Gym Often, I Do Not Mind All The New People And I Wish Them The Best of luck
byu/Mikeymcmikerson inGetMotivated

I’m something of a realist myself:

High IQ joke: