The Brief: From his ill-fitted tuxedo to fist-bumping Queen Elizabeth II, President Trump's visit to the UK has inspired several hilarious memes.


Today marks Day 3 of President Trump’s state trip to the United Kingdom, though it might feel like longer what with all of the incredible memes we’ve been gifted.

It seems Twitter users did not waste any time or opportunity to troll the Trumps during their visit with the royal family. After all, the Commander-in-Chief knows better than just about anyone the difference one Tweet can make.

Here’s a few of the standout meme-worthy moments from the trip thus far.

Trump fist bumps the Queen

Trump kicked off his visit with a bump.

The internet was simultaneously shocked and confused when Trump appeared to greet the Queen with a lowkey fistbump. To be fair, from the photo’s angle, it does look like he’s giving her a fist bump, although NBC News has confirmed that that (unfortunately) didn’t happen.

While we’re on the subject of Queen Elizabeth II

Trump’s Tiny Tuxedo

One of the more popular meme-ified moments from the trip to date took place at Trump’s state banquet. The president was photographed in a clearly ill-fitted tuxedo.

It didn’t take long to compare Trump’s swag (or lack thereof) with that of his predecessor, Barack Obama.

Twitter didn’t hold back when it came to criticizing the president’s size or health, either.

Several people likened his look to a classic Looney Toons cartoon…

While others compared the photo alongside their own tuxedo disasters… from childhood.

The Trump Family

Trump wasn’t the only one roasted for his banquet attire. The president’s four adult children – Donald Trump Jr., Ivanka Trump, Eric Trump and Tiffany Trump – along with their spouses, were also in attendance.

The internet had plenty to say about this image which quickly went viral on Twitter.

The dragging continues…

If you look closely, you’ll note Eric Trump stepping on his sister Ivanka’s dress. Tiffany Trump is also more-than-ironically standing directly in front of a “no photography” sign.

The Stuff Horror Movies are Made of

At one point during the trip, Trump’s eldest daughter Ivanka and her husband, Jared Kushner, were photographed looking out of a Buckingham Palace window.

The resulting creepy AF image almost instantly became a meme.

Many Twitter users were quick to draw comparisons between the photo of the couple and popular horror films.

Big mood.

London Protests

Locals were none-to-friendly when it came to Trump’s visit.

On Tuesday June 4th, thousands of protestors took to the London streets to protest the president’s visit. Apparently, Trump mistook the streets lined with protestors as supporters. Oof.

What Millennial doesn’t appreciate a good Mean Girls reference?

The Trump Baby blimp also took to the sky once again.

As if the large crowds and giant flying baby weren’t enough, London protesters have also erected the “Donald Takes a Dump” statue. The art piece features an exaggerated statue of the president, tweeting on a gold toilet.

The Trump Family has one more day in London which, let’s face it, means there’s probably plenty more memes to come. Stay tuned!