The Brief: Feast on these Thanksgiving 2019 memes, tweets, and TikToks.


This Thanksgiving, November 28th, is a time for turkey, family, football, and memes. If you need to take a break from all the cooking or distract yourself from all the Ok Boomer/Ok Zoomer/Ok Millennial/Ok Karen/Ok Trumper shots being fired, chill out and reset your vibes with these holiday memes.

Thanksgiving Memes

Thanksgiving Meme Hall Of Fame

While 2019 will be sure to bring in its own unique Thanksgiving memes, some memes of years’ past deserved to be remembered including the “How do I cook a 25 lb turkey in the microwave?” prank and that time turkeys creepily circled a dead cat.


This hashtag, which is particularly popular on Black Twitter and has since spread to TikTok,Β  suggests devastating ways to clap back at family members who try to insult you.

Happy Turkey Day!

Every Thanksgiving dinner table is unique. These memes represent the myriad of ways in which people prepare for, celebrate, and survive Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving from your dog’s POV from funny

Peace was never an option…

this thanksgiving from memes

Thanksgiving be like from memes

Thanksgiving pro tip. from memes

Lisa Simpson presentsΒ on the problematic origins of Thanksgiving:


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