The Brief: "Kombucha girl memes" were inspired by a TikTok video of Brittany Tomlinson trying kombucha for the first time.


22-year-old Brittney Tomlinson has gone viral as the “Kombucha Girl” from a meme inspired by a video of her trying Kombucha for the first time. In a TikTok video captioned “Me trying Kombucha for the first time,” Brittney Tomlinson (@brittany_broski) documented the first sip of Kombucha she ever drank. After declaring that the beverage “smells like a public restroom,” Tomlinson takes a sip, looks grossed out, then quizzical, and then doubtful. Then she says “no,” followed “well” and then laughs and makes more mixed expressions.

Brittney’s TikTok video has gone viral as her chain of facial expressions perfectly encapsulates the experience of trying something for the first time. The video is also reminiscent of the relatable experience of being extremely indecisive about something.

Trying Kombucha Memes

@brittany_broski’s video has been circulating online as a reaction meme. Some variations of the meme repost the video while others use still images from it in a format reminiscent of Drake yes/no memes.

As this meme continues to spread, Tomlinson has come to be known as the “Kombucha Girl” online. Since the proliferation of this meme, many fans have gone on to follow her on Twitter and TikTok, where she posts a range of comedic material.

It seems that people who meet the “Kombucha Girl” IRL have been asking her to recreate the video as several variations have surfaced online.

@Brittany_broski and famous Twitter comedian @CaucasianJames appear to have been flirting via tweet and many stans have been shipping them as a couple.