The Brief: GIF memes are surging in popularity on the subreddit r/DankMemes.


GIF-based memes such as Surprised John Cena, Killer Beans, and The Soldier’s creepy smile have been rising in popularity on Reddit, largely on the Dank Memes subreddit. In April 2020, GIF memes have become so widespread on r/DankMemes that almost all of the top posts on the page contain GIFs.

Some GIFs serve as straightforward reaction shots while longer ones include more complex and elaborate footage. Short GIFS can easily be uploaded through sites like GIPHY and some memes contain significant edits and additions.

Dank GIF Memes

Since subreddits like r/memes don’t allow GIF posts, Dank Memes is a major hub for GIF memes.

A Chief Tannabok meme:

This is what gifs were made for from dankmemes

Son go and get $40 for a barrel,it’s not rocket science from dankmemes

yeah, yeah, the gif is low quality from dankmemes

My first gif, how did I do? from dankmemes

Gif memes are tough to make on mobile. from dankmemes

Funniest shit I’ve ever seen from dankmemes

Memes About GIF Memes

As GIF memes dominate the Dank Memes “hot” page, some Redditors are expressing their dismay at how easily such memes gain upvotes. Others are celebrating the rise of GIF memes and the versatility they bring to the medium.

My first GIF meme from dankmemes

It’s pronounced gif not gif from dankmemes

Task Failed Successfully from dankmemes

Gif memes are cool I guess be so are single frame memes from dankmemes

I’m done. from dankmemes

It’s time for some GIF’s from dankmemes

M’name a gif from dankmemes

Let me show you how a GIF meme is made from dankmemes