The Brief: People are tweeting about hypothetical couples in "bf and gf" Twitter memes.


“GF and BF” Twitter memes present hypothetical heterosexual couples, many of whom are defined by opposite or complementary characteristics. This trend follows the popularity of tweets about “stock market boyfriends” and their “astrology” or “OnlyFans” girlfriends. The GF’s and BF’s in these memes include internet archetypes like gamer BF and gamer GF and other specific types of significant others.

Many of these memes note discrepancies between partners’ social media habits:

In addition to rehashing relationship stereotypes, some of these memes depict people’s relationship goals or fantasies.

Some tweets may recount personal experiences or couples people have observed IRL. They include allusions to both healthy and unhealthy relationships.

People are using this format to post memes about queer couples as well.