The Brief: Generation gap memes emphasize the different political and social views between Baby Boomers, Millennials, and Generation Z.


The generation gap is real!

A war is raging between Baby Boomers, Millennials, and Generation Z. As the latter two generations are considered to be extremely tech-savvy, it comes as no surprise that they’ve taken their beef with the Boomers into the meme-verse.

Gen Z: Oof shots fired

Translation: “Woah, you got me,” said most likely in a sarcastic tone.

Gen Z: That some hot tea *Yeets away*

Translation:”That’s some juicy shade you’re throwing *dances/walks away*” In this case, Gen Z acknowledges the shade being thrown, but doesn’t care. “Yeeting” is a Gen Z specific nonsense word and to “yeet away” implies that someone dances/walks away unaffected.

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Though there have been many memes in the past depicting the differences between Millennials and Baby Boomers as well as some that focus specifically on Millennials and Gen Zers, a new series of memes has emerged pitting all three generations against one another.

The memes often describe the generations’ differing attitudes when it comes to handling economical, political, and social issues, like anti-vaxxing or debt.

In many of the memes, Gen Zers are shown to be less concerned with the discussion or unimpressed by petty arguments. However, Gen Z continues to face backlash from older generations for stunts like the #TidePodChallenge of 2018.

In most of these generation gap memes, Baby Boomers are often seen throwing shade at at least one of the younger generations, though they seem to have a particular distaste for Millennials.

Gen Z is shown to be the least-involved/most-apathetic of the three groups while Millennials are caught somewhere between the two, usually facing off against one of the other generations for some reason or another.

Some memes have brought Generation X into the mix, the demographic cohort following Baby Boomers and preceding Millennials. When Gen X does make an appearance, they’re usually shown to be mocking or laughing at the other generations – talk about a mic drop!

Seeing as Millennials and Gen Zers are responsible for the bulk of memes created on both social media and sites like Reddit, it makes sense that most of these generation gap memes highlight their woes with the older generations that came before them.