The Brief: In Sunday night's episode of Game of Thrones, fans were simultaneously outraged and delighted to find an unexpected item on screen: a Starbucks coffee cup.


Talk about fire product placement.

Judging by the Tweets, Game of Thrones stans were not wowed by “The Last of the Starks,” the fourth episode in the show’s final season. They were however shocked/amused/aghast by the fact that a Starbucks cup appeared on screen.

Said coffee cup has been mentioned in over 150K Tweets and memes using the hashtag #StarbucksCup. Whether or not the cup actually came from Starbucks has not been confirmed.

This fan’s response – sarcastic or dramatic AF?

More than anything, the cup’s appearance has left fans with a multitude of questions…

Could this be a new character?

How could such a little detail go unnoticed by such a big production crew?

Even the GOT showrunners who appeared in the same scene as the cup somehow missed it.

What could Daenerys, Mother of all Dragons, possibly be drinking?

She doesn’t strike me as a PSL-drinking basic b**ch.

Is this just a marketing ploy?

Is it even a Starbucks cup?

Assumptions have been made, so whether or not the cup actually originates from Starbucks is irrelevant. Sounds like the coffee chain lucked out with some free publicity.

Who left the cup behind?

The next person to be killed on Game of Thrones might just be a member of the crew…