The Brief: Gal Gadot's concerns about the Israel-Palestinian crisis were met with backlash and memes on Twitter.


Israeli actor Gal Gadot took to social media to express her concerns over the escalated violence in Israel and Palestine. This comes after an Israeli airstrike killed 30 Palestinians, including 10 children and three Israelis on May 11, according to NBC News.

Twitter users were not satisfied with Gadot’s response, especially considering the fact she served in Israel’s armed forces.

The Wonder Woman actor was quickly compared to fellow Israeli Natalie Portman who shared a very different message on her own social media account.

Gadot has spoken out about previous issues, including concerns regarding Justice League director Joss Whedon’s alleged toxic on-set behavior. Twitter users poked fun at that, too.

Some Twitter users reflected on Gadot’s acting career.

Many brought up the horrible “Imagine” video from the beginning of the Coronavirus pandemic, adding more fuel to the fire.