The Brief: Friday the thirteenth is nigh. Prepare for the potentially disorienting day (and night) with these spooky Friday the 13th memes.


You may have seen some Halloween and Friday the 13th memes on your social media feeds. Although Halloween is over a month away and it’s not quite Spooktober yet, this week’s Friday the thirteenth may mark the start of spoopy season for many. September 13, 2019, falls on a Friday this year, as well as on a full moon in Pisces, making it the perfect storm for haunting, bad luck, and an overall eerie vibe.

Friday The 13th Memes

Friday the thirteenth memes celebrate this informal holiday and prepare for the potential inconveniences and eerie events that may occur. This day is widely considered to be a day where darkness thrives and chaos may ensue. Some people will be staying at home to avoid potential hazards, while others will go out searching for ghosts, mayhem, ghouls, goblins, etc.

Happy PSL szn!

For anyone confused about how calendars work, you’re not alone…

ight imma head out…

When you test 9/13 and realize it’s Friday the 13th AND a full moon
byu/FancyLoss inMcat

Spoopy Season Is Coming

Get your skeleton and doot doot memes ready because Friday the 13th will mark the beginning of spoopy season for many. While some will be hiding indoors, others will be out getting discounted tattoos, touring graveyards, and practicing spells. One safe and spooky-themed activity to do this Friday is to share your favorite Friday the Thirteenth memes.

This It meme format is the perfect way to get into the season:

Every time
byu/__Imaginewagons__ inteenagers

[deleted by user]
by inteenagers

#SpookySeason On TikTok

TikTokers are gearing up for Friday the 13th and Halloween season with scary and comedic short videos. The hashtag #spookyseason has been viewed over 200 million times on TikTok.