The Brief: Immediately after the Toy Story 4 trailer debuted, fans made memes about the new character Forky, an anxiety-riddled spork.


Disney Pixar released the highly anticipated Toy Story 4 trailer on March 19, and not even a day later, the Internet has already turned one of the film’s new characters into a meme. In the teaser, Woody and his friends meet Forky, a spork who’s riddled with anxiety and doesn’t believe he’s fit to be a toy. Forky’s disheveled appearance, constant self-doubt, and the fact that a plastic utensil will soon be a beloved character, hit a nerve with many fans.

Existential Angst

It turns out that millennials are the most anxious generation, and are dealing with high unemployment rates, student loan debt, not being able to afford homes, etc. So it makes sense that Twitter met the self-deprecating Forky and collectively decided: “It me.”

The Toy Story Franchise Progression

Fans like Ben Schwartz (a.k.a. Jean-Ralphio from Parks and Recreation) were also quick to point out the surprising progression of the Toy Story franchise. Who knew in 1995, when the first installment arrived, that a sentient spoon would be at the center of the fourth film?

We have questions …

Seeing that Sporky came alive just by a little girl gluing eyes to him, Twitter users had to probe deeper into the metaphysical elements of the Toy Story world. How does a toy gain sentience? Where does it begin and end? The discussions became more and more outlandish, and therefore even funnier.