The Brief: This meme format uses an image of a floating figure looming behind a boy down a hallway to represent something haunting or chasing someone or something.


While the exact origin of this photo is unknown, it’s been circulating around the internet since at least April 2018 in an image macro meme format sometimes referred to as “floating guy/running guy memes.”

The image depicts a dark human-like figure floating a few feet off the ground while a boy runs away from it down a hallway. In these memes, the dark figure is labeled as something following or haunting something else, which is represented by the boy running.

9/10 Dentists recommend this meme from dankmemes

This format has been used alongside Don’t Dead Open Inside jokes in which the boy running away is labeled as the intended order of the words and the floating figure represents the apparent order of the words.

Hello people sorting by new from dontdeadopeninside

👏Math👏Meme from dankmemes

Kids Exchange Isn’t better from dankmemes

Floating guy memes vs. gamer crying next to Joe Swanson memes: 

battle of the formats from dankmemes