The Brief: The flight attendant meme/Twitter trend is uniting adults who haven't lived up to their fathers' expectations by depicting a hypothetical scenario in which a medical emergency happens on a plane and their dads start clowning them over their career choice and inability to help.    


Flying during holidays is always stressful, especially when your dad spends the entire flight roasting you like a Thanksgiving turkey over your career choices. This half-joking but very real Twitter trend pokes fun at the disappointment fathers feel when you give up on their lifelong dreams of you becoming a doctor.

As a full time meme-ologist, this one hits a little too close to home, but always remember you can get the last laugh by muttering “ok boomer” under your breath, grabbing a delicious plate of turkey, and gobbling up some dank Thanksgiving memes.

The tweet that started it all:

To be fair, BOFA is known to be extremely useful in any medical emergency:

Ok Trumper:

Some people switched up the format: