The Brief: Flex tape memes propose simple solutions to complex issues.


Flex tape memes are based on an infamous TV commercial for the brand Flex Seal. In the commercial, spokesperson Phil Swift enthusiastically shows off the power of Flex Tape to instantly create waterproof seals and plug leaks. An image of Phil Swift dramatically applying a piece of flex tape to a broken water tank has become a popular image macro meme. These memes use the image from the commercial to represent someone ‘slapping’ a questionable solution onto a problem.

Often these memes seem to use the Flex Tape as a metaphor for a weak solution to a problem, but other memes imply that it would be an effective one. The meaning of this meme may vary somewhat depending on the amount of faith that its creator has in the power of the product.

The Flex Seal brand’s commercials have inspired a variety of memes based on Phil Swift’s apparent extreme zeal for Flex Seal products. Like other TV commercials, these are particularly cheesy and over-the-top, making them ideal meme material.

Flex Tape vs. Water Tank Memes

30-50 feral hogs as a solution to everything:

This meme is particularly popular on Reddit.

Jorgen will get you from memes

On video games being blamed for mass shootings:

Smh bruh 😤 from teenagers

Pewdiepie’s Minecraft videos as therapy:

Guys I am as strong as flex tape from PewdiepieSubmissions

Its true tho from memes

Flex tape will fix everything from memes

The anti-meme version: