The Brief: A new Flex Seal commercial for Flex Paste starring Phil Swift has provided the internet with several new meme formats.


You’ve heard of Flex Tape memes and “Flex Tape can’t fix that” sign memes. Now get ready for Flex Paste memes. A new commercial for Flex Seal’s product Flex Paste has inspired a variety of memes and formats, most of which depict cover-ups, fixes, or solutions to issues.

Flex Paste Barrel Memes

The most popular iteration of these memes shows Phil Swift filling a hole in a water-filled barrel with Flex Paste.

works every time from dankmemes

Nano tech from dankmemes

Flex Tape -> Flex Paste from dankmemes

Made With Memes In Mind

The Flex Seal marketing strategy appears to include an awareness of the brand’s relevance in meme culture. By leaning into the cheesy infomercial format and giving Phil Swift suggestive lines like “Flex Paste penetrates deep into hard to reach areas,” the commercial lends itself to memes, many of which include the brand’s name and product in them.

Flex Seal’s social media accounts also feed into the product’s memeability by making goofy posts, featuring comical captions, and asking fans to interact in the comments section. The brand has both a TikTok account and Twitch channel, providing fans and meme-makers with even more digital Flex Seal content.

More Memes

Other popular Flex Paste formats include an image of Phil applying the paste to a board and references to his “penetrate deep” comments.

Flex Paste from memes

Flex paste from memes

Flex Paste is tough stuff! from dankmemes

Flex Paste cured my depression from dankmemes

Flex paste from memes

flex paste be hitting different from memes

Flex Paste Fixes any relationship from dankmemes

Ayyy new flex paste from memes


Create your own Flex Paste image macros with these editable templates.

Flex Paste Barrel Memes

Flex Paste Memes

YouTube/Flex Seal
“Flex Tape penetrates deep into hard to reach areas”