The Brief: A video of a tube that sends salmon over a dam has gone viral in memes about this "fish tube."


First, they did surgery on a grape and now they’ve transported fish through a tube, inspiring a wealth of fish tube memes. A video of a high-tech fish transportation device known as the “Salmon Cannon” has surfaced on Twitter. Created by a company called Whooshh Industries, this pneumatic tube is specially designed to safely move fish over hard-to pass areas. Benefits of this fish tube include its ability to help salmon migrate over dams and to control populations of invasive fish species.

Upon seeing a video of the fish tube posted to the news platform Cheddar’s Twitter account internet went wild. The fish tube’s resemblance to an amusement park ride was one main source of these jokes and memes.

A new Star Is Born and we’re dead 💀

Comedian John Oliver hosted a segment on Last Week Tonight about the human innovation behind the Salmon Cannon. He even built his own
“salmon cannon” which he used to smack celebrities in the face with rubber fish.

The Fish Tube And Existential Dread

As Twitter discourse often includes dark topics and speculation about the apocalypse, it’s no surprise that many of these memes touched on the feelings of existential dread that many millennials and others feel day-to-day.

Salmon Cannon vs. Trout Plane

Another fish transportation video has been spreading. This one is of a lake being restocked with trout via airplane.

30-50 Feral Hogs vs. Fish Tube

The sudden virality and wildlife theme of this meme was reminiscent of the recent 30-50 Feral Hogs memes.

Haha just kidding…unless…

Will Hot Girl Summer be followed by Fish Tube Fall?