The Brief: Fire Pods memes suggest that the natural successor of Tide Pods and AirPods memes will be based on a pizza oven called the Firepod.


Tide Pods memes went viral in January 2018 and AirPods memes followed in January 2019. Redditors have decided that the 2020 variation of the element + pod memes should be fire pods memes.

As with Tide Pods and AirPods memes, this iteration focuses on another consumer product: the Firepod backyard pizza oven. Although this meme surge seems to be a pun-based inside joke on Reddit rather than a clever marketing scheme, the Firepod brand may benefit from this publicity just as Cybertruck memes acted s free marketing for Tesla.

These memes, which are spreading on subreddits including the Dank Memes page, position the Firepod as the ultimate piece of technology for 2020.

Gotta love those firepods from dankmemes

Big bois only play with fire from dankmemes

Quite proud of myself honestly from dankmemes

Firepods can do all of this while being easily portable from teenagers

An imagine/gang meme:

Firepod memes incoming, prepare the pizza from dankmemes

Firepods vs. Cardi B:

As we continue praising the firepod pizza oven from dankmemes

What comes after Firepods, you ask? EarthPods of course!