The Brief: Fire Pods memes suggest that the natural successor of Tide Pods and AirPods memes will be based on a pizza oven called the Firepod.


Tide Pods memes went viral in January 2018 and AirPods memes followed in January 2019. Redditors have decided that the 2020 variation of the element + pod memes should be fire pods memes.

As with Tide Pods and AirPods memes, this iteration focuses on another consumer product: the Firepod backyard pizza oven. Although this meme surge seems to be a pun-based inside joke on Reddit rather than a clever marketing scheme, the Firepod brand may benefit from this publicity just as Cybertruck memes acted s free marketing for Tesla.

These memes, which are spreading on subreddits including the Dank Memes page, position the Firepod as the ultimate piece of technology for 2020.

[deleted by user]
by indankmemes

Big bois only play with fire
byu/Jabz12 indankmemes

Quite proud of myself honestly
byu/EmpTy_69 indankmemes

Firepods can do all of this while being easily portable
by inteenagers

An imagine/gang meme:

Firepod memes incoming, prepare the pizza
by indankmemes

Firepods vs. Cardi B:

As we continue praising the firepod pizza oven
byu/mushiexl indankmemes

What comes after Firepods, you ask? EarthPods of course!