The Brief: These memes poke fun at the f*ckboy, softboy, and eBoy archetypes by adding an unexpected fourth character into the mix.


F*ckboy, softboy, e-boy memes are four-panel image macros that display different types of boys. The fourth “boy” may not be a boy at all, but an animal or other non-human character. These memes make fun of the various internet-based stereotypes by adding something unexpected in the fourth panel.

This meme format started spreading on the Dank Memes subreddit in late August 2020. Some iterations have a picture of a dog in the fourth panel with the caption “good boy.”

When hooman call you gud boi πŸ™‚ from memes

Larry’s a goodboy from dankmemes

There is no need to be upset from dankmemes

Frank got the drip from dankmemes

Juan is the best boy from dankmemes

– .. – .-.. . from dankmemes