The Brief: Fall into a new season with these autumnal memes.


September 23, the autumn equinox for those living in the Northern Hemisphere, marks the first day of Libra Season and arguably the end of Hot Girl Summer. Fall memes celebrate this season of transition, hot chocolate, Halloween, football, and lingering heat waves.

What Comes After Hot Girl Summer?

Summer 2019, aka Hot Girl Summer was a very special time on the internet. As fall begins, there has been some online debate as to what this new season will hold. For some, it’s cuffing season, thotumn, or Christian Girl Fall. For others, the first day of fall marks the start of spoopy szn.

Fall And Autumn 2019 Memes

Fall will be sure to bring shorter days, cooler weather, a new semester, and at least a few multi-colored leaves. It also includes Halloween and Thanksgiving, two holidays that invite seasonal festivities, foods, decorations, and celebrations. For some, darker days may trigger Seasonal Affective Disorder, meaning that it’s time to dust off the ole sunlight-simulating lamp.

It’s the time of year for infinity scarf-loving, PSL-sipping, UGG-wearing basic b**ches, to thrive. Perhaps autumn 2019 will inspire a resurgence of the lamp-loving moth memes we saw last year. Surely there will be a seasonal TikTok trend or two…

Whether you’re ready for sweater weather or not, grab a PSL and cozy up to these fall-themed memes.

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