The Brief: The FaceApp Challenge involves using the aging filter on FaceApp to predict how one might look in 40 years or so.


The latest social media challenge, the FaceApp Challenge, involves sharing photos that have been edited through an app called FaceApp to make faces look much older. While FaceApp faces significant backlash for its questionable privacy policy, people continue to share their aged photos with hashtags #FaceApp and #FaceAppChallenge.

Similar to the #HowHardDidAgingHitYouChallenge, also known as the #10YearChallenge, and the #17YearChallenge of the Super Bowl, the FaceApp internet challenge is based on looks into the hypothetical future rather than the past. Some people have referred to this aging challenge as the #40YearChallenge. Many jokes and memes have been made about how shocking it can be to envision oneself as a senior citizen, and how various celebrities may age.

FaceApp’s filters add wrinkles, freckles, grey hair, and stained teeth. By adding more layers of the filter, people can make themselves appear even older. Some people post “before” and “after” images while others merely show the aged versions of their faces. While the FaceApp is not new and has been popular before, its aging function and the FaceApp challenge are currently going viral.

Older versions of the members of BTS

More celebrities in the #FaceAppChallenge:

FaceApp must know that vampires don’t age…