The Brief: "Extra Entrance" TikTok memes show someone entering a scene and acting out an exaggerated, goofy, and twerk-like dance move.


In the latest meme trend, TikTok videos show someone performing a dance move that’s like a cross between twerking and hip thrusting to a clip from the song “Satisfaction” by Benny Benassi. This move consists of someone squatting and then rocking their rear end and shoulders back and forth. These videos are typically listed under the hashtag #ExtraEntrance, which has received over 123 million views.

Some people have been calling this move “The Satisfaction” or the “satisfaction dance.” A few have called it the public twerk challenge or #PublicTwerkChallenge. We’ll be watching out to see if it becomes the next Floss, Dab, or Woah.

The extra entrance title comes from how in most of these videos, someone comes into the shot and appears to enter a public place before they break out into the move. Sometimes they’ll go as far as to step up on a table before starting to dance.

It’s unclear what exactly inspired this move or meme. The music video for “Satisfaction” shows highly sexualized images of women dancing while using power tools. The dance for this meme may have taken some inspiration from the dancers in the video, but it does not copy them exactly.

Some variations of this meme have captions that make fun of people for their awkward dancing skills. The dance itself is awkward and silly, an aspect that can be attributed to its virality.