The Brief: While hosting "Meme Review" with Justin Roiland, Elon Musk's reaction to an image macro of a deer at the bottom of a swimming pool inspired a wave of memes.


Tesla CEO Elon Musk hosted Meme Review: a meme-themed segment on PewDiePie‘s YouTube channel. Musk hosted alongside Rick And Morty creator Justin Roiland where they gave their opinions on and laughed at a number of contemporary memes. This much-anticipated appearance on the channel comes at the height of PewDiePie’s battle to remain the most-subscribed-to YouTube channel. Its not Elon Musk’s first engagement with online meme culture, nor is it his first appearance on a popular comedy YouTube channel.

That Actually Happened?! Memes

The latest Musk memes refer to an image macro he and Roiland reviewed of a deer at the bottom of a swimming pool with the caption ” Why my dolphin not working lol.” Elon Musk initially reacted by laughing at the meme. While he and Roiland discussed the meme further, Musk realized that the photo is of an actual dead deer at the bottom of the swimming pool. He then asked/exclaimed “that actually happened?!” and laughed even harder.

Memes of this moment point to the dark humor Musk appears to be amused by, as well as the strangeness of a prominent CEO laughing at an image of a deer corpse on YouTube.

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