The Brief:

On April 22nd, meme-makers and environmentalists alike are calling for action to help protect our planet.


April 22nd marks the 49th annual celebration of Earth Day, though any environmentally-conscious, granola-crunching Gen Zer would tell you, “Everyday is Earth Day.”

First officially celebrated in 1970, Earth Day now includes events in more than 193 countries, coordinated globally by the Earth Day Network.

For as many countries that celebrate Earth Day every year, there seem to be just as many memes circulating the globe, and we’re not just talking about Flat Earth memes.

Most Earth Day memes roast the folks who claim to take steps towards protecting the planet while at the same time doing something contradictory.

Meat-eaters especially, have been the target of many Earth Day memes. but they are not the only ones.

Several memes often satirize people’s inabilities to “be green” and keep it 100…

While others poke fun at the act of actually trying to protect the planet, often by incorporating celebrities or pop culture references.

Other memes enforce the idea that the Earth should be cherished every day, rather than one day a year.

Even Earth has something to say.

Though some memes are purely for entertainment, there are many Earth Day memes that point out the serious issues currently plaguing our planet.

And the high key concepts that people might be missing.

Some memes are dark AF.

But for every dark, pessimistic Earth Day meme, there’s also an equally optimistic and sometimes inspirational meme.

The motivation behind many Earth Day memes is to inspire change, something Millennials and Gen Zers both respond well to.

With recent, viral internet challenges like the #TrashTag Challenge, it’s clear that the younger generations are more than willing to lend a helping hand… especially if it means getting to share their efforts on the internet. In any case, every little bit makes a difference.

Individuals and organizations are sharing tweets, memes, and social posts to offer up ideas on how people can get involved and make even the smallest difference this Earth Day.

Some groups have gone the extra mile! For example, between April 13th-28th, gamers can clean up their community while also “catching them all” on Pokemon GO.

Players can unlock in-game rewards by cleaning up Mother Earth on Earth Day.

They can track their progress and see who else is playing by using/following the hashtag #AugmentingReality on Instagram.

If that’s not enough incentive to get your Earth Day on, maybe Martha Stewart’s Bingo game will be…

Visit the Earth Day Network to discover local opportunities, national campaigns, and ways to get involved all over the world.