The Brief: Drowning high five memes use the image of a person given a high 5 and left to drown to symbolize a variety of unhelpful scenarios and unaddressed societal problems.


Drowning high five memes originate from a comic by Anton Gudim, a Russian illustrator. The comic depicts a hand, which is presumably that of a drowning person, sticking out of the water reaching for help, only to be high fived by another hand and left to drown.


Meirl from meirl

2meirl4meirl from 2meirl4meirl

Man drowning but gets a high five at least (which is still pretty good) from MemeTemplatesOfficial

meπŸ““irl from me_irl

me irl from me_irl

These memes often touch on various political issues, dunking on everything from housing costs to boomers.