The Brief: Draw 25 Uno memes depict scenarios in which someone must choose between an undesirable task and drawing 25 cards in the game Uno.


In the game Uno, drawing even one card can be a disadvantage, but drawing 25 cards would mean almost surely losing a game. Uno draw 25 memes highlight things that someone would go such lengths to avoid, that they’d rather draw 25 cards in Uno. These two-panel image macro memes show an Uno card that instructs someone to do something or “draw 25 cards” next to an image of a man with a large fan of Uno cards in his hand.

Parents (and everyone else) can be stubborn when it comes to admitting that they’re wrong…

‘You’re being disrespectful’
byu/DDO1904 indankmemes

Never gonna give you up…

Never gonna let you down
byu/JonathanMU inmemes

Some variations of this meme show someone choosing to do something abhorrent or unwise instead of drawing 25 cards.

byu/sstaygldn inHistoryMemes

A topical WW3 meme:

At least they won Uno
byu/esreveRnIefiL inmemes

Another way to “draw 25:”

OC Maymay
byu/Spoxx1 indankmemes

“Toby is like an evil snail” -Michael Scott

byu/camspurs inDunderMifflin

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