The Brief: A new Spiderman meme has popped up, featuring Spiderman squatting next to a look-alike.


The double Spider-Man meme The image comes from the 2018 film Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse, from a scene in which Peter Parker mentors a younger hero on how to be Spider-Man. Both characters wear matching Spider-Man suits. It is clear, however, which of the two is the real Spider-Man and which is the younger newbie.

Variations of this image macro portray someone learning from or copying another by labeling the two people in Spider-Man suits.

This version is one of many popular Spider-Man meme formats. It’s the second popular format to feature two Spider-Mans. The other one is a cartoon of two Spider-Mans each pointing at each other. It’s used to represent people pointing to others for blame when they are actually at fault.

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