The Brief: DOS memes are based on the card game sequel to UNO.


DOS memes are based on the card game DOS™,  which is the sequel to UNO®. Both UNO and DOS are products of Mattel Games. DOS is similar to UNO in that players compete to be the first one to run out of cards, but DOS has different features including two piles that players can draw from.

The majority of DOS memes on Reddit are not about the games itself, but rather about the concept of an upgraded version of UNO and the fact that the words mean “one” and “two” in Spanish. Although DOS has been in circulation since 2018, memes about the game surged in popularity on Reddit in September 2020.

at long last
by indankmemes

Looks like your going to the shadow realm
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The game “TRES” doesn’t actually exist (yet).

This iconic trio awaits
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