The Brief: The 1st of October marks the annual Reddit tradition of sharing memes that feature skeletons, some of whom are playing trumpets, along with the phrase "doot doot."


On Reddit, Tumblr, and other online communities, “doot doot”-saying, trumpet-playing, calcium-craving skeletons are the ultimate meme emblem of October. Greet Spooktober with some super spoopy doot doot skeleton memes!

According to Know Your Meme, the skull trumpet or skeleton trumpet meme originated from a 1995 video of a cartoon skeleton playing the trumpet. In 2011, catchy remixes of the videos and various Halloween memes surfaced and proliferated online. “Doot doot” is as an onomatopoeia of the sound of a trumpet. Many memes joke about how skeletons love calcium because it helps them build strong bones. During October, a post about the element calcium is most likely a reference to these skeletons.

Doot Doot Memes For October 2020

In the final days of September (Spooktember), eager Redditors started posting spoopy skeleton memes in anticipation of October 2020.


And so the annual tradition begins… from dankmemes

doot from dankmemes

doot doot from memes

*dooting gets louder* from memes

Doot Doot to you from spooktober

doot doot 🙁 from memes

DOOOT DOOT from memes

An Among Us doot doot meme:

Doot doot from memes

*happy doot doot noises* from memes

Doot from spooktober

Yup from spooktober

Ready to catch some of them spooky bois from spooktober