The Brief: "Don't dead open inside" is a reference to text with confusing layout that makes the intended order and meaning of a phrase unclear.


The origin of this meme is a 2010 promotional poster for AMC’s The Walking Dead, which was meant to read “Don’t open. Dead inside.” However, due to the spacing of the words, when read from left to right and top to bottom, it appears as the nonsensical phrase “Don’t dead. Open Inside.”

After this Walking Dead poster inspired a number of jokes and memes, it’s become a broader reference to signs with words laid out in a confusing order.

The Reddit community r/dontdeadopeninside is dedicated to sharing images of signs with disorganized layouts and unclear orderings of words.

A HOME WITHOUT IS JUST A A DOG HOUSE from dontdeadopeninside

This took a while to figure out and I still don’t understand what the product is. from dontdeadopeninside

Recently, an iteration of this meme has been spreading on Reddit which shows a boy running away from a mysterious floating figure. The boy is labeled with the intended order of the words and the floating figure is labeled with how the words appear on a page when read in the order that they appear.

Hello people sorting by new from dontdeadopeninside

Touch the rainbow from dontdeadopeninside