The Brief: A photograph of Donald Trump making a "fist pump" motion while on the way to a 9/11 memorial has been photoshopped to create many memes.


On the anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, President Trump visited a 9/11 memorial and was photographed making a grimacing or triumphant face while raising both fists in the air. Critics called this behavior inappropriate for the president on such a solemn occasion and also criticized, among other things, his off tone tweet that read “17 years since September 11th!

Meme makers went into a frenzy after this photo came out, aided by Twitter user Rob Sheridan who photoshopped the image to just show Trump in his strange pose. He called on fellow Twitter users to “do your absolute worst,” challenging them to make memes out of the image. Since then, images of a fist-pumping Trump have flooded the internet, showing him in a number of comical, and often insulting memes.