The Brief: Clips of President Trump dancing at a campaign rally in Florida led to the creation and proliferation of parodies and memes.


Footage of President Donald Trump briefly dancing to The Village People’s “YMCA” has prompted criticism, memes, and parodies. These cursed videos started circulating online after Trump’s rally in Florida on Monday night where, weeks after being hospitalized for Coronavirus, he spoke maskless and claimed to be “immune” from COVID-19, although that claim is not backed by conclusive scientific evidence.

While fans of the President expressed excitement at seeing him dance onstage, many people pointed out that at a time where over 215,000 Americans have died from COVID-19, it’s disrespectful to choose to cheerily dance. CNN’s Don Lemon noted that while Americans struggle to get sufficient healthcare, Trump “is having fun and dancing. On the graves of 215,000 Americans. Dancing…”

Twitter users also mocked Trump for choosing to dance at an inappropriate time, and for ruining a popular gay anthem with his uninspired dance moves.

As the clip was rife for parody, internet users followed through, adding different songs and backgrounds to the video.

A Twitter account dedicated to Trump dancing parody memes replaced the music with songs including “WAP” and “Don’t Stop Believin’.”

Be warned, this clip of Trump supporters dancing to a “YMCA” spoof called “MAGA” in Beverly Hills is extremely cursed.