The Brief: This meme format uses an image of a dog and werewolf to showcase two distinct versions of the same person, place, or situation.


This meme comes from a photo of Joe Rogan‘s dog, Marshall, who is something of an influencer himself with over 260k Instagram followers.

In the original image, Marshall seems chill AF, despite the werewolf-like-beast behind him.

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The meme is somewhat similar to Furry Scares Dog Memes, only in this case, the dog is completely unfazed by the furry, monstrous beast. Instead, the dog and werewolf are seemingly oblivious to one another.

They are meant to represent two different versions of the same person, place, or thing.

IT’S RAW! from r/dankmemes

In this case, both creatures represent different versions of Gordon Ramsey‘s personality – the werewolf for his tilted, erratic behavior on American TV and the dog for his relaxed, laid-back attitude on BBC shows.

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