The Brief: Everyone is talking about Marie Kondo's Netflix series: Tidying Up and her catchphrase "does this spark joy."


Marie Kondo is a tidying expert and best-selling author of The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. At the beginning of 2019, Netflix released a series starring Kondo in which she goes into peoples homes and helps them get organized using her signature KonMari method. This series has sparked a number of debates and inspired memes about Kondo’s methods and advice.

“Spark joy” is now a popular buzzword based on Kondo’s philosophy that people should only keep things in their homes that are useful and immediately bring them joy. Some people have suggested that this concept should be considered in relation to more than just material things, but for relationships, social media, careers, and daily life as well. Marie Kondo-related memes range from jokes about over the top tidying and minimalism to ones about just how attached we can be to material things.

This One Sparks Joy | This One Does Not Spark Joy

Marie Kondo talking about whether or not things spark joy has led to a meme similar to the Drake yes/no meme. The first panel shows Marie saying “this one sparks joy” and in the second she says “this one does not spark joy.” Images can be added to the panels to show how things such as relationships or meme formats do or do not bring people joy.

This one does not spark joy from r/brooklynninenine

Does this spark joy for you? from r/memes


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